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  • Stock up on Lemons and some fresh ginger

  • Cut back on caffeine, try switching to green or match tea

  • Try to reduce or eliminate alcohol, wheat, dairy, processed meats and sugars in the days leading up to your detox to maximize the benefits

  • h2o - Increase your water intake-try and get 2litres per day,  this will seriously benefit your detox and aid the body flush toxins easily

  • Stock up on detox tools, exfoliating your body with a dry brush in the shower or bath will help circulation and for toxins to pass through the lymph. An Epsom salt bath on each night of your cleanse will also add great aid to your detoxing process, it's also a great way of winding down before bed.



  • Hot water with lemon each morning to help flush out toxins, maintain pH levels, aid digestion and boost vitamin C

  • Having a warm water with lemon or herbal tea in between juices will also aid detox

  • To optimize the absorption of nutrients, drink your juices slowly as oppose to knocking them back

  • 30 minutes light exercise if you can manage it 

  • If you are experiencing hunger pains or feel starved, snack on carrot sticks, plain unsalted nuts, a piece of fruit or some vegetable broth. 

  • Stress and exhaustion can hinder your detox so try to nap when you can and have early nights. 

  • Epsom salt bath just before bed will really boost your detox results




Freshly pressed Juice by Ginger (we deliver single juices for maintenance or can be purchased in one of our stockists-enquire within via email)/Porridge with fresh berries and a teaspoon of manuka honey/fruit salad/2 eggs with a slice of wholegrain toast/poached eggs with asparagus



Vegetable broth/soup/mixed salad/Juice by Ginger 



Vegetable Stir Fry


Lean meat/fish with steamed vegetables and brown rice or sweet potato (try steer clear of red meat as it is more difficult to digest) 


Large Mixed Salad (Mixed leaves, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, onion, cucumber, scallions, chicken/prawns, boiled egg, asparagus, beet-pack your salad with as much ''free foods'' as you like) 


The main thing to remember post detox, is to try and keep up your water intake and not to over load your system with starchy white carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes. After all, you have worked so hard to achieve those 3 days, why throw it away. Your body will be craving good wholesome food so listen to it, and feed it with nutrient packed fruit and veg. 

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