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Our 3 day juice cleanse is the most popular program we offer.  It is perfect for beginner juicers and for those with hefty social diaries, as you will need to clear the diary of events which involve food! On the 3 day detox, you will remove all solid foods, replacing them with nutrient rich juices, giving your body a total break from digestion. Our delicious juices will help your body to easily absorb the nutrients whilst cleansing you from the inside out. The cleanse is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. 


Typical day on 3 day detox:

  • 7.30am  -  Hot Water with a slice of lemon (you can add a slice of ginger too, great for so many things)

  • 8.30am  -  Breakfast Juice (We suggest a green juice for breakfast) 

  • 12.30pm - Lunchtime Juice (try the beetroot based juice for lunch to break up the day) 

  • 4.00pm  - Afternoon slump? TREAT JUICE TIME (this juice is naturally higher in fructose to give you the natural sugar boost you might need to get you through the afternoon

  • 6.30pm  - Dinner Juice (We suggest you have a green juice as your final juice of the day) 

  • 7.15pm  -  Light Exercise if Possible (Walk, yoga etc) 

  • 8.15pm -  Hot Bath and Bed Early! 



It is important to listen to your body while detoxing, and rest is essential. You may be feeling drained and tired so take your forty winks where you can and have early nights if possible. 

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